Your name is important. Read this to understand why

Truth be told, the world would be a complete mess if people did not have names. Imagine if we were all identified using a number or an ID like in the movie irobot: human_1, human_2 and so on. It would be very hard to point out a specific person in a population of over six billion human beings.

A name carries so much weight because it provides an individual with a sense of identity. If nobody had a name, then nothing would have an identity. Hypothetically, try having a conversation about a person/people without using names in your head. It would be a hard task trying to share details about a certain person if all there was to identify them were their qualities. For example, one would say Continue reading “Your name is important. Read this to understand why”

Are You With Your Soulmate?

Growing up, it is easy to believe that life will turn out like in the movies: you meet your soulmate and instantly ‘zing’ at first sight, and after some mild conflict and maybe a few talking mice or birds, you live happily ever after. However when all grown up, many of us can start to feel like finding one’s true soulmate is nothing but a fairy tale, and when ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t show up in time, they start to give up hope. When this happens, it is not surprising to have a rushed tendency to settle before finding out if your partner is really “the one.” Here are a few things to ponder on to know if he or she is the perfect match for your soul. Continue reading “Are You With Your Soulmate?”

What is life path number calculator and what to expect from it?

A life path number comes from numerology.  The belief is that every letter has a special meaning and each number can be taken down to a vibration.  These vibrations are simple to determine, add the digits of the number together until you get down to a single digit.  In numerology these meanings are used to give a person their path in life.  They are supposed to not only to tell you about what your strengths are as well as what are areas of weaknesses that you need to be concerned with. Continue reading “What is life path number calculator and what to expect from it?”